A core factor of our business is the principles that guide our actions. It is our belief that not only does this result in better service, but it is also the right thing to do.


Above all, we value our relationships with all partners and clients who have placed their trust in us. We strive to create a meaningful and satisfying experience

Long-Term View

Our services and processes are consistent with our values of relationships. As with our clients, we are in this for the long run. Therefore, all of our decisions take into consideration the long-term implications, not short-term shortcuts

Quality of Services

We will always put quality of our services and advice over quantity and profits. It is the only way we know to successfully fulfill our values of long-term relationships


For us, integrity means keeping our word and our promises. While we cannot predict future events, we can guarantee that we will stick to our values and complete our desire for helping you accomplish your goals


We believe in open and accurate communication. We are not infatuated with throwing out buzzwords and other marketing terms. We do not put value in using technical terms without taking the time to explain the meaning and implications to our clients. We have nothing to hide and everything to gain by engaging in true two-way communication with our clients. We explain all of our decisions as well as our philosophy and approach


Research is central to our approach. We engage in original research, partner with other research agents, and offer research advising services. We believe that advice and strategic guidance should be based on process and evidence, not hunches or fads. We seek to generate and apply the findings of scholarship


We feel that academics is not just academic and nothing is more practical than good theory. Our approach could not be possible if others have not contributed to knowledge generation and dissemination. It is this process that allows for our evidence based, process driven approach. We are naturally curious and continue to pursue knowledge. We also communicate how advances in the field impact our own thought process of effective resource management


We subscribe to the tenets and principles of Impact Capitalist. It is good to righteously pursue both impact and profit. Too often, business owners are portrayed as the villains in our society. This is a gross misinterpretation of capitalism and people who engage in the capitalist system. We salute families who take care of themselves by offering value to others.

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