Family Enterprise Transition Planning

Strong family enterprises  understand the complexity of balancing family dynamics and business objectives. Whether you’re preparing for succession, contemplating selling your family business, or seeking to navigate the complexities of transition planning, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Working Relationships

Enterprise communication is a challenge in any context, and much more so in family enterprise. We can help you develop and implement strategic communication planning to facilitate productive working relationships across internal and external stakeholder groups.


Governance structures and processes are used to direct and manage the family enterprise. We work with families to develop and maintain governance protocols and processes across family, business, and ownership interdependencies.


All businesses undergo times of change. We help families navigate through inevitable transition stages, including succession, organizational exit, role (re)negotiations, and internal organizational change needs. We emphasize preparing and advising the rising generation to become good stewards of the family enterprise.

Advancing Knowledge and Application

We strive to bring the knowledge coming from scholarship to the application to your family enterprise. We partner with other research oriented institutions to better understand family enterprise. We do this so we can help you better understand, manage, protect, and grow your family enterprise.